Duxbury Saltworks is now SalterieOne!
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Harvesting the Essence of the Ocean

Hand-harvested natural sea salt and custom-made sea salt blends that elevate everyday cooking in authentic and flavorful ways.

From Everyday to Gourmet

Delicious, flaky, feathery sea salt and original seasoning blends that stands a tide apart.

Love at first pinch

How do you get Salterie? Take our quiz to find the blend that complements you best!

Home Cooking. Elevated.

Discover special touches for dining at home with our elegant salt vessels.


Bringing everyone together with each sparkly sprinkle of sea salt


Sourcing sustainably, at one with the ocean and the earth


Every bite brought to life, with a little Salterie magic

Introducing South

A rich, savory dream inspired by flavors of the South — the second release of our 2021 Compass Collection.

With its complex layers of flavor, South Blend will transform your everyday meals, from mashed potatoes to cooked chicken, into extraordinary delights.

Join the Sea Salt Subscription


Imagine opening your mailbox every few months to find culinary inspiration! If this sounds exciting to you, then you need to subscribe to our salt subscription program! Each season you will receive:

✧ The latest unique sea salt blend right to your door!
✧ A fresh supply of Classic Sea Salt to refill your salt cellar or spoon jar
✧ Amazing surprises!

SalterieOne Customers Say...

SalterieOne sea salt is wonderful! The large flakes add a perfectly delicious touch to everything from veggies to my favorite treat of pumpkin oatmeal cc cookies! I am confident that you are sending me a healthy product with each batch. Thank you!

I just received my bath salts. Again, fantastic turn around from order to arrival. I took a LUXURIOUS much needed quarantine bath with SalterieOne Bath salts and must say BRAVO!!!!! I will definitely be ordering some bath salts as gifts for friends, and myself!

I was lucky to receive a gift of two of your salts: the Pure Sea Salt and the Spring Blend. Not only are they a treat for the tongue, but I love knowing they were hand and sustainably harvested. That means so much to me. Thanks for making the world a more delectable place!

I was introduced to your products by my coworker. She gifted a set of the plain and seasoned salt to me for Christmas, and I effectively broke up with [other brand] Sea Salt after that!

I'm loving the salt! Amazing lift for every single dish. I love the glass jar. Very special, just like the salt.

I need more!! Loving the flavor SalterieOne sea salt adds to all my food."

We are OBSESSED with our salt!! We can taste the love!

I am convinced that SalterieOne sea salt makes everything better in life!"

Wonderful and delicious salt. When you deal with the company, they make you feel like family. They also send along great recipes.

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