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Duxbury Saltworks is now SalterieOne

Duxbury Saltworks is now SalterieOne

Our company is growing and we knew we had to do something bold to grow with it.

We’re so excited to announce our new name and logo! 

Duxbury Saltworks is now SalterieOne. 

What started out as an experiment in my kitchen in 2018 has flourished into a successful company that handcrafts fluffy sea salt flakes and original seasoning blends that we sell across the country. With this monumental growth, we felt it was time for our name to truly capture everything about who we are as a company and how we want to grow. We believe that SalterieOne does exactly that! 

What is SalterieOne all about? 
When crafting our new name, we chose the word “Salterie” to define where our salt harvesters create our special, fluffy, feathery flakes of sea salt. “One” is about being one with the earth, with nature, with the universe and with each other. This new name is emblematic of who we have become and where we want to go. 

What has changed? 
Besides the name and logo, nothing! We still carefully and thoughtfully hand-harvest sea salt. We still create innovative flavor blends that inspire delicious cooking. We still love our spoon jars and kraft bags. Even our new logo, although different, looks very familiar. The stars that represent our flaky crystals and echo the sparkling sun on the ocean are as prominent as ever!

I must thank each and every one of you for your continued devotion to our high-quality, handmade products. The entire team at SalterieOne looks forward to continuing to delight you with our creations. 

XO, Lily 

If you're in or around Duxbury, please visit our newly opened showroom. It is a beautiful space that offers a view of our Bay (from which we collect our source water), an enhanced salt experience, and of course free samples! 

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