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SalterieOne Team Member Profile: Brooke Bradley, Salt Harvester

SalterieOne Team Member Profile: Brooke Bradley, Salt Harvester
We are happy to share a recent conversation we had with Brooke Bradley, one of our skilled Salt Harvesters. Creative and connected to all things natural, Brooke's delicate and artistic touch can be seen in the high-quality flakes she gifts us each day!

How long have you been a Salt Harvester and how did you start? 

I became a salt harvester in April 2019. I answered an ad calling for help gathering water from the bay to make sea salt, and it sounded intriguing.

How would you describe your salt harvesting style and what do you like about handcrafting sea salt? 

My style: to be efficient, careful and energy conscious while coaxing the most complex, stunning crystals possible out of their potential.

My favorite step in the salt harvesting process is scooping the crystals from the brine. It is exciting because each layer is a little different, as the salt concentration changes. Plus, it's satisfying and gratifying as you separate the salt from the liquid and extract beautiful marvels of nature.

What is your favorite blend and favorite way to use it?

My favorite blend is the Spring Blend - the roses are inspiring and surprisingly versatile as they complement the chives, while the savory adds a brightness to balance it all.

I love it in salad dressings, white pasta sauces, egg dishes, and on strawberries!

What is your favorite hobby?

My favorite hobby is gardening. I love to start seeds and nurture their progress into useful, beautiful individuals.  There is always something to learn and research in helping the plants reach their peak potential, and coexist optimally with the plants around them.  Plants respond so well to care and attention, and give so much in return — sustenance, medicine, beauty, and regeneration with pollination.

If you could be reincarnated, what living thing would you like to come back as? 

I would love to be reincarnated as a cormorant. They are birds that can fly as well as swim.  I would love to use my energy to beat my wings and soar through the air with the winds, or dive through the salty currents.

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