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Location, Location, Location!

Duxbury Saltworks Campus | Island Creek Oysters

While "Location, Location, Location" is a tip often recited when discussing real estate, location is very much instrumental in crafting SalterieOne's high-quality sea salt.

That’s because the bay water we use to make your salt is uniquely pure and delicious thanks to our headquarter’s very special location: an 11-acre waterfront campus in the heart of Duxbury, MA. But first, a little history about how we came to be here.

In the beginning...

When Lily Leedom, our founder, first started exploring hand harvesting sea salt in early 2018, she collected water from a selection of Duxbury Bay locations and brought it back to a historic farm property for simmering and processing. It was here that our proprietary process was fine-tuned to yield our signature white fluffy flakes. As we began to delight more and more customers with our high-quality sea salt, it became clear that we needed a more robust location to meet our customers’ growing needs.

A new location and a deepening partnership

In 2019, with our production needs expanding, we moved our salt-making operations down the street to the oceanfront campus of renowned oyster company, Island Creek Oysters (ICO).

Rich in oceanographic history, this location is home to ICO’s vast aquaculture activities, including farming oysters, algae, and other shellfish, and an operational shellfish hatchery. The benefits to harvesting our salt in this location are many:

1. The purity and quality of the water. The oysters that grow in our bay first filter the water that our lab then transforms into beautifully pure sea salt.
2. Synergy with a like-minded aquatic brand honoring gifts of nature and the sea. Just like us, ICO is dedicated to making a positive impact on our food systems.
3. An accessible location where our customers can visit, shop salt, and enjoy oysters by the sea.

In short, both SalterieOne and ICO use the pure, high-quality Duxbury Bay water to help nourish our customers both near and far.

Stop on by to hi!

If you’re ever in our neighborhood during the summer months, please come visit us at 403 Washington Street in Duxbury, MA. You can shop salt Thursday - Saturday from 3 pm - 7:30 pm and Sunday 12-4 pm. or shop online/follow us on social media anytime.

Besides picking up the highest quality sea salt fresh from the bay, you can also enjoy a beautiful view at the ICO Raw Bar, drink and eat oysters, play some bocci, and generally have a good time — just like ICO does when growing their oysters. See the picture we took last summer from our team room which overlooks the Raw Bar!

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