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SalterieOne Holiday Guide

SalterieOne Holiday Guide

Great tasting, mineral-rich sea salt is a fantastic gift for all types of friends and family this holiday season! To make your gift-giving easier this year, the SalterieOne team has organized some flavorful suggestions for the special people in your life.

We have recommendations for:

  • The Curious Cook
  • The Home Chef
  • The Sea Salt Novice

For the Curious Cook

Pick a Sampler Set: Each of the five original seasoning blends included in both of our sampler sets spark innovation, creativity, and taste explosions in the kitchen. Created to turn everyday recipes into gourmet delights in just a pinch, the broad range of flavor profiles included in each sampler makes it easy for everyone to ramp up their cooking in an easy and approachable (and delicious!) way.  We currently offer two different samplers:
  1. For the truly adventurous, our Compass Collection Sampler, inspired by the flavor inspirations of the directions of North, South, East, and West, will lead to incredible culinary feats each and every day. 
  2. For those that love to celebrate the changing cuisines of the seasons, our Seasonal Collection Sampler, will enhance all of the food that is in season and beyond.
Each blend in each sampler is housed in a sustainable glass jar topped with a bamboo top that seals in flavor but is easy to open. 

Tip: Bundle both samplers together with a bread making machine or a variety of olive oils from around the world to create a welcoming and useful housewarming or bridal gift!

For the Home Chef

Choose our Sea Salt Subscription: Shipped out quarterly, this gift is perfect for those who love to cook for themselves and for others! Every three months, we send out a generous refill of our Classic Sea Salt, our latest original seasoning blend (before it hits the shelves!) plus a special treat certain to surprise and delight. This set-it-and-forget it gift is an easy way to add culinary inspiration to those who inspire you, while also showing them you care on the regular!  

Tip: If the Home Chef in your life is a true culinary aficionado, consider gifting our Mamahuna! She’s a three pound treasure of our feathery, flaky sea salt, perfect for all sorts of kitchen adventures. 

For the Sea Salt Novice

Send a Spoon Jar: For those new to the health and flavor benefits of using hand harvested sea salt, our Classic Spoon Jar is the perfect entry point. Packed with over 5 ounces of our crisp flavored, delicately structured flakes, this jar is as cute as it is functional. The handy wooden spoon nests in its holder on the side of the jar, making it easy to scoop what you need when you need it. 

Tip: Want to boost this gift with more? Add a spoon jar (or two!) in any of our original seasoning blends for a gift that is sure to enhance and inspire! In addition to great flavor enhancement, a set of spoon jars looks adorable on the counter too!

For more gifting inspiration, and easy online ordering and shipping, please check out our full Holiday Collection.

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