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SalterieOne Takes You on a Journey of Flavor and Wellness

SalterieOne Takes You on a Journey of Flavor and Wellness

By Jillian Greaves, MPH, RD, LDN

We are serious about Sea Salt…

SalterieOne’s Classic Sea Salt is hand-harvested from the pristine waters of Duxbury, Massachusetts.  This is special because Duxbury Bay is home to millions of oysters, thanks to the many oyster farms, and oysters are the ocean’s filter.  The waters are consistently cleaned with each incoming and outgoing tide. Bonus, the bay’s unique rocky nature means that the salt’s mineral content can be found in few other places!

SalterieOne’s Salt Harvesters use an evaporation method to create sea salt.  Working with small batches, ocean water is triple-filter and slow-simmered for more than 13 hours to coax the salt flakes out of a thick brine.  This proprietary process yields the most flavorful flakes.  SalterieOne’s Classic Sea Salt is full of healthy essential minerals that bring both delicious flavor to the salt and healthy elements to you.

SalterieOne is devoted to the high quality sea salt and honor and respect the goodness that the sea provides.  

We Think You Should Know…

Salt (sodium chloride) is essential for our survival and crucial to many important human biological functions. Our bodies don’t produce it; therefore, we must obtain sodium from our diet. Sodium unfortunately gets a bad reputation as a result of outdated and oversimplified research. But newer research has found that for the majority of individuals, sodium consumption does not increase health risks, and  overly restricting sodium intake can actually do more harm than good. 

Sodium is a key mineral that our bodies need in adequate amounts in order to maintain healthy fluid balance, Ph levels, and blood volume. Sodium helps to deliver water into your body’s cells to support cellular hydration, and both sodium and chloride play an important role in regulating nerve and muscle function.

One of the most overlooked roles that sodium plays in the body is supporting the adrenal glands and the body’s stress response system. In times of higher stress, your body burns through certain micronutrients like sodium, and requires more of this mineral to maintain optimal balance in the body.  Research suggests that individuals on a low salt diet may struggle with responding to stress over time. This is where incorporating quality salt can help to improve stress resilience.

Salt is also involved in the production of stomach acid. We need enough salt  to produce adequate stomach acid which is essential for breaking down and absorbing nutrients from food optimally. 

SalterieOne’s pure mineral rich sea salt supports health in the following ways:

*Improves skin health
*Supports digestion
*Nourishes adrenal glands and improves stress resilience 
*Supports thyroid functions
*Regulates blood pressure
*Improves metabolic health 

SalterieOne Classic Sea Salt is truly a nourishing and healthful superfood!

SalterieOne’s Classic Sea Salt can be added to your meals while cooking, or a few pinches from our salt cellar before you take your first bite.  It can also be found naturally in some foods, such as celery, beets or milk.  

SalterieOne Classic Sea Salt is not your Grandma’s table salt…

Processed table salt (think salt shaker) is produced in a factory setting where it is stripped of minerals and nutrients until it is just sodium chloride. Often, chemicals are used in the process to dye the salt white and iodine is added along with compounds to prevent clumping. Just as we know that processed sugar is not good for us, similarly, processed salt is not the best option either.  Imagine high fructose corn syrup (table salt) compared to honey (sea salt). Table salt is stripped of its minerals and has anti-caking agents, such as sodium aluminum silicate, or additive E-554. There are a total of 18 food additives that are allowed in salt – this is not the best choice for your health. SalterieOne Classic Sea Salt is pure, hand-harvested salt – No processing - No additives.  Robust flavor with robust health benefits, SalterieOne makes it easy to bring salt back to your table, your baking, your cooking, and your body.

About Jillian Greaves, MPH, RD, LDN:

As a functional medicine dietitian & women’s health expert, Jillian specializes in helping women who need support with PCOS, hormone imbalance, and digestive health. By combining evidence-based, medical nutrition therapy with integrative health strategies and mindfulness practices, she helps clients learn how an integrative and functional medicine approach can help achieve optimal health, balance, and joy in life. Her goal is to help clients transform their health through personalized nutrition, to remove the stress and confusion around food, and to break the vicious cycle of dieting and food shame in order to reconnect with one's body and feel amazing.

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