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South Blend


Inspired by the rich and savory culinary traditions of the lower half of the United States, South Blend combines our Classic Sea Salt with a sumptuous mixture of chervil, chives, onion granules, onion powder, and sage.

Use it to season:
✧ French Onion Soup
✧ Fried Chicken
✧ Creamed Corn
✧ Oyster Po' Boys
✧ Mashed Potatoes & More!

With its complex layers of flavor, South Blend will soon become a kitchen workhorse sure to transform your everyday meals into extraordinary delights. Her scent alone has our Team rushing to cook with her!

Enjoy South Blend in:

✧ Signature Spoon Jar: 5.8oz glass jar with cork top and spoon
✧ Kraft Bag: 5.8oz in resealable stand-up bag
✧ Duo: 1.7oz of Blend + 1.7oz of Classic Sea Salt in glass jars with cork top, beautifully packaged in a gift bag with twine tie