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Jalapeño Lime Blend

Jalapeño Lime Blend


What started as a limited edition blend in our subscription proved to be immensely popular! So we decided to offer our Jalapeño Lime Blend in our kraft bag while supplies last!

Spice and citrus with our salty goodness makes for an amazing flavor profile.

Use it to season:

✧ Margarita rim (of course!)

✧ Seared fish

✧ Guacamole / Salsa

✧ Grilled Veggies

✧ Homemade Salad Dressings

✧ Chili & More!

Enjoy this incredible burst of flavor!

Enjoy Jalapeño Lime Blend in:

✧ Kraft Bag: 5.8oz in resealable stand-up bag

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