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COVID-19 Response

With the COVID-19 situation ever-evolving, Duxbury Saltworks is taking the health and safety of our customers, employees and the general public very seriously.

We believe the socially responsible action to take is to create social distancing at our physical location. This means our employees who can work remotely are doing so effective 3/12. Our Salt Harvesters already work tirelessly to keep our salt harvesting lab pristine, and they will continue to be diligent in their efforts.

Sea salt has anti-microbrial & anti-viral properties. No, we are not doctors so this is not medical advice; but we do know that a good quality sea salt in your pantry can be very useful — whether you need healthy ways to add flavor to the meals you're cooking at home, for a salt water gargle to clear your throat, or as a way to increase your micro-mineral intake. We have lots of simple, healthy & delicious recipes on our blog we encourage you to check out.

We ask that instead of visiting us at this time, you visit our website, call us, or check our social media for updates. We are currently shipping products! We are real people and are here to serve our customers so please do reach out and we will get back to you!