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Our Salterie Team

Our shared values include people, planet, and of course, palate.

We are grateful for the beautiful habitat in which we live and our proximity to the unique aquatic environment of Duxbury Bay — which affords us the opportunity to create a fresh, sustainable, responsibly sourced product that transforms how we cook, eat, and live. 

Our Talent

Combining decades of success in multiple careers and industries, we’ve assembled a talented team that is committed to a shared purpose — we handle all aspects of our business.

Key Leadership

Lily Leedom is an entrepreneur, a business owner and the Founder and CEO of Duxbury Saltworks.

After 15 years in the corporate world of Real Estate Investment, Development & Sales, Lily decided to pursue her life-long entrepreneurial spirit and founded SalterieOne in 2018. 

Tinkering with pots of slowly evaporated salt water in her kitchen, Lily ultimately found the right formula that resulted in beautiful, pure sea salt that had the consistency and texture she was seeking. Identifying consumer's desire for all-natural, healthy food, Lily realized that while there were many food categories that had been transformed — like coffee, tea, chocolate, snacks —the salt category didn't offer the same high quality, flavorful, pure & USA made options.

Starting out small, but setting forth a big vision, Lily is transforming the culinary world through her hand-harvested sea salt. Lily has turned a passion into a brand and a business. She is an ambitious entrepreneur with big dreams for herself & for SalterieOne.

On a personal level, Lily is a wife, mom, athlete and seeker of good health. She loves playing tennis, long days at the beach and spending time on her 13-foot whaler with her husband, two young children and two golden retrievers.  When not at work or home she can be found dreaming up new business ideas and walking in nature.

From holiday dinners to snacks around a fire pit, Michelle Zoltowski loves connecting people through food.

She reads cookbooks like novels and passionately creates delicious meals from her CSA ingredients. Michelle is energized by her wonderful family — three kids, two dogs, six chickens, 36 goldfish, and one husband — but has a special place in her heart for her chickens (!). 

Michelle walks into the office every day with positive energy and a smile on her face. She keeps the wheels churning in our Salterie and offers unending support to our staff members who appreciate her wit, humor, and go get ‘em drive. 

After earning a degree in English from the College of the Holy Cross, Michelle built her extensive marketing and management skills in publishing and financial services — and she puts those skills to daily use as the COO of SalterieOne. 

When she's not at the office, Michelle can be found skiing, cooking, SUP'ing, puttering in her garden, with the chickens, or reading. She’s also a traveler, and her favorite spots to explore (so far) are Tuscany and Umbria.


Emily Goodman-Simeone steadily pursues success by building partnerships, working with customers, and being part of an entrepreneurial team. 

Throughout her career, Emily has consistently been an integral part of leadership teams that have clear missions. From her days as an elementary school principal where she supported children with significant emotional challenges to her current role as the Director of Sales and Partnerships for SalterieOne, Emily has held positions she feels passionate about and has worked for organizations and people she deeply believes in.

Starting in high school with a lauded athletic career, and later as a record-holder for the Tufts University Women’s Basketball program, Emily enjoys competing and bringing that energy to her roles.

SalterieOne has motivated and energized Emily. Providing a quality and highly differentiated product in a commoditized market, Emily loves seeing her customers’ reactions to the product and taste innovations SalterieOne consistently delivers. 

Working with founder and CEO Lily Leedom, COO Michelle Zoltowski, and the SalterieOne team, Emily is committed to bringing a far superior product to a wider customer base and to expanding jobs and opportunities as SalterieOne revitalizes a time-honored trade. 

Salt Harvesters

Each of our Salt Harvesters is a wonderful combination of artist and scientist. The Salt Harvesters perform all tasks related to our proprietary evaporation process and nurture each and every sea salt flake to fruition. Our Salt Harvesters are also responsible for the innovation and creation of our Custom Sea Salt Blends. The Harvesters monitor the time, temperature, and humidity of our Salterie. 

Learn more about what it takes to be a Salt Harvester by contacting Michelle here!

Packing Pros

Our team of dedicated Packing Pros complete a variety of operational tasks that ensure our sea salt is diligently packaged, labeled, and shipped to our customers, retail partners, and distributors. Insider Look: The Packing Pros have a “dance button” that they press when work is completed. Imagine, time stops for 30 seconds to enjoy a dance party. Sounds like fun, right? Well, it certainly is! 

Learn more about becoming a Packing Pro by contacting Michelle here!