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Sea Salt Makes Every Meal, Snack, and Dessert Taste Better

More flavor, better for you, and 100% natural with no additives.

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The Benefits of Cooking with Sea Salt

Sea Salt Tastes Better - Plain and simple, your friends and family are going to wonder how you got so good at cooking overnight.

No Chemicals - The salt you're used to often contains bleaching agents. Our fresh sea salt never contains added chemicals, so it's as pure as the ocean.

Better for You - 100% natural with no additives. Compare that to table salt, which can contain up to 18 harmful additives such as anti-caking agents.

Rich in Minerals - Traditional table salt is highly processed and stripped of minerals that are vital for your body.

Artisan Crafted - Every pinch of salt is hand-harvested from the ocean in Duxbury Bay, Massachusetts. We're proud to be a local women-owned and operated business!

Everything You Need to Start Cooking with Sea Salt

The Sea Salt Starter Set

Adding pure ocean-fresh flavor to your everyday cooking regimen is easy with our Sea Salt Starter Set! It offers everything you need to for everyday cooking and recipe inspiration, including:

  • A 5.8 oz Classic Sea Salt Spoon Jar
  • Four generously filled kraft bags of our seasonally inspired, Seasonal Collection sea salt blends, perfect for cooking inspiration
    • Winter: Classic Sea Salt, Rosemary, Thyme, Sage, and Parsley
    • Spring: Classic Sea Salt, Savory, Chives, and Rose petals
    • Summer: Classic Sea Salt, Lemon Peel, and Basil
    • Autumn: Classic Sea Salt, Paprika, Dill, Chili Pepper, Black Peppercorns

With our Sea Salt Starter Set, you have everything you need to start seasoning your meals with mineral-rich, all natural flavor in every pinch!

Classic Sea Salt

Hand-harvested from the pristine waters of Duxbury Bay. We slow simmer pure sea water (filtered naturally by oysters and then by us) in a special process that yields light, fluffy flakes that are easy to pinch and melt delightfully on your tongue.

Our sea salt has a bright, fresh taste and a clean finish, the perfect enhancement to any meal.

Summer Blend

Refreshing with vibrant citrus and herbal flavor, Summer Blend is the perfect accompaniment to your everyday cooking repertoire. Summer Blend combines our Classic Sea Salt with lemon peel and basil.

Use it to season:

✧ Grilled vegetables
✧ Vinaigrettes
✧ All types of salads (pasta, arugula, watermelon…)
✧ Mixed berries
✧ Pies & More!

Autumn Blend

Warm and crimson like its namesake, Autumn Blend combines our Classic Sea Salt with a rich combination of paprika, dill, chili pepper, and black peppercorn.

Use it to season:

✧ Pork Cutlets
✧ Homemade BBQ sauce & ketchup
✧ Roasted cauliflower, green beans, etc.
✧ Halibut
✧ Falafel & More!

Winter Blend

Capturing the enticing flavors of the winter season, Winter Blend combines our Classic Sea Salt with with an herbal combination of parsley, rosemary, sage, and thyme.

Use it to season:
✧ Stuffed butternut squash
✧ Grilled chicken and fish
✧ Clam chowder
✧ Braises, tomato sauce, and marinades
✧ Roasted potatoes & More!

Spring Blend

With mild floral notes layered among delicious herbs, Spring Blend, like the season, is bright and versatile. Spring Blend combines our Classic Sea Salt with savory, chives, and rose petals.

Use it to season:

✧ Caesar Salad
✧ Fresh-baked bread
✧ Salmon
✧ Yogurt Dip
✧ Frittata & More!

Home Chefs are Loving Sea Salt