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Salt Box


For children and the young-at-heart, this salt box is a limited-run piece. A pine box built by a local artisan in Maine, each salt box set is finished with an acrylic lid featuring a printed coastal painting by Scituate, MA artist Becky O’Toole.

On the reverse of the lid, you will find a special poem from Cape Cod-based writer Michael F. DuBois. Inside, you will find a jar of SalterieOne’s Classic Sea Salt from Duxbury Bay.

Whether you gift this keepsake box to someone special, or keep it for yourself, we hope it will serve as a reminder of the beautiful treasures we find along the way in life. We hope it brings the experience we all have on the New England coast every day. 

We are one with the sea. It can inspire calm, help us feel connected, and bring us back to the place where we can feel young and free again.

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